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Dealing with COVID-19 2020-02-25 오후 1:16:00

Killing approximately 12000 through 56000 people, flu is one of the deadliest diseases in this world. Flu, the word people use to call influenza, is a contagious respiratory illness that attacks the nose, throat, and lungs. One of the main types of serious flu is coronavirus, and it is notorious for infectiousness. However, the new type of coronavirus emerged from Wuhan, China, officially called COVID-19. COVID-19 is a unique type of coronavirus that has infected thousands of people currently and is very dangerous for its symptoms. China and WHO seems to start dealing with the virus and quarantine, but they treat this virus not seriously enough. China is controlling the media and WHO is helping that country by saying it is not a global emergency. In addition, people in many countries that are already exposed from the virus does not consider this as a serious problem. The COVID-19 should be held more carefully and diligently because of the severe infectiousness of this virus, difficulty in finding the vaccine, and the country where virus started.
First, unlike other viruses in the past, the new coronavirus can spread more rapidly between people. Virus is already famous for its contagiousness, but the new coronavirus has contagiousness that has never been observed before. The COVID-19 can spread between people even in the incubation period. Incubation period is the period of time when virus takes place in our body before the first symptoms show. Fun facts about that time is that during the incubation period, the number of virus is too small to infect other people. The main way of spread of virus is through secretion such as saliva. Usually, when we cough, thousands of tiny drops of saliva escapes from our mouth. Unfortunately, if one is infected by a virus, the drops of saliva will contain virus cells. When those virus cells reach other people and penetrate into the body, the virus is spread, which is the main reason why wearing a mask will prevent the virus from spreading. Fortunately, since the virus needs a host, if it leaves an organism, they will die in 48 hours. However, during the incubation period, the virus number in our body is too small that the saliva does not contain enough amount to infect other people. Until now, there was no type of virus that could spread during the incubation period. Nevertheless, the new coronavirus, COVID-19, is scientifically proven that the virus can be spread between people during the incubation period. In the past, people will show symptoms that are observable so that people they can quarantine themselves. On the other hand, without knowing that they are infected, people can transmit the virus to other people. This is a very serious problem that can produce thousands of infected people.
Second, it is very difficult to discover the vaccine for viruses such as the COVID-19. Viruses are the parasites of a cells that move around many bodies. During this period, virus reproduces to increase the population size. They go through lysogenic and lytic cycle that multiplies the number of the viruses. As they move around the host cells, their DNA will be recombined, which will lead to a production of multiple variants of the virus. For example, Influenza can quickly and rapidly alter the appearance of the surface proteins. As new vaccines upgrade the biological equivalent of facial recognition software, this sneaks through the body's immune system to cause misery and confusion. Every year a new influenza vaccine is developed and distributed, and each year, viruses evolve ways of preventing it. The flu vaccines are never as effective as other vaccines, and the new vaccine offers only partial protection against the ongoing flu epidemic. A successful vaccine must go further to help the immune system of the body identify a less easily hidden component of the virus. Thus, to create the vaccine for certain disease, vaccine should include solutions for all kinds of variant of the virus. Therefore, the vaccine for the COVID will not be easily developed.
Third, it is important to recognize the country where the virus has started. The first main aspect that will affect the world’s health is the media control of China. China is a communist Country that has single party system, controlled by the Communist China Party (CCP). This communist party is famous for its media control to prevent any malicious abuse and opinions towards the government. This means that China may be reporting the fake statistics about the COVID-19. This doubt should not be regarded just as a simple guess because China have done this thing previously. When SARS started from China, the government forcefully controlled the media a reported a much smaller number of infected people to show that they controlled the virus efficiently. “For example, the Chinese government's suppression of free reporting of the SARS outbreaks impeded the efficiency of the WHO's Global Public Health Information Network, an electronic surveillance system that actively trawls the World Wide Web looking for reports of communicable diseases and communicable disease syndromes in electronic discussion groups, on news wires, and elsewhere on the Web.” Plus, many international organizations already recognize the internet censorship in China. According to the 2019 Word Press Freedom index, China shows 177th place out of 180 countries. This shocking index sufficiently proves the doubt towards China. In addition, China is the country with the highest population in the world, having about 1.4 billion people. Virus spreading between such a great amount of people will lead to a serious result that threats the world health.
In conclusion, due to the unique aspects of this virus, difficulty in locating the vaccine, and the country where virus originated, COVID-19 should be kept more carefully and not be underestimated. Even though the symptoms are less serious compared to the other extreme virus in the past, the virus has full potential to kill people. To prevent and protect ourselves from the virus, we should always wear a disposable masks and wash our hands frequently.

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