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Donal Trump Impeached 2019-12-20 오후 5:21:00

Donald Trump became the third US president in United States history to be impeached by the House of Representatives, leaving authorities to the House of Senates to decide whether he should stay in the president position or not. The House of the Representatives argued that the president abused his presidential power. This abuse of power had disturbed the Congress to pass the legislations. Nearly unanimous votes to impeach him came from the Democrats, while the Republicans went against them. While the Senates will decide the removal, The House of Senates are mostly taken by the Republicans, thus it is very unlike for Trump to be impeached.

Specifically, the abuse of the power was specifically focused on pressuring the country to challenge Joe Bidden to get forbidden information of the Ukraine. Joe Biden was US vice-president. Also, he is accused of using his own power to interfere the process of the impeachment. He obstruct the Congress by refusing to cooperate during the Congress’ inquiry. The democrats argue that this abuse of power is for his personal political gain and gave significant threat to the US national security, which is very inappropriate.

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