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Inclusive Education for All 2018-08-03 오후 9:46:00

It should be a given that no child is deprived of education and that they have the right to be included in any environmental setting they desire. This is true for most cases, but problems arise when this opportunity is not equally applied to every child- especially for those with either mental or physical disabilities. Inclusive education is when diverse students- no matter how different- are placed in classrooms alongside other children to learn, grow, and play together. They attend the same sports meets, plays, and games and learn to support and better each other as a team. In a truly inclusive classroom, students are not only safe and secure in their differences, but they come out of their education as confident, improved teens.

Schools can be considered as a preparation for society, and including students with disabilities has the advantage of teaching kids from an early age to be accepting of everyone, and to be respectful of uniqueness. An inclusive curriculum embraces and incorporates relevant themes for every student alike, including marginalized groups. This allows those who need the assistance of special education to be included during class by promoting individuality.

In order to create such classrooms and cultivate the minds of young children, certain measures are vital to the process. Ensuring that educators have the capability to teach students with diverse needs, making sure that schools have the resource and setting to allow various activities, and enabling both students and parents alike to take a stand against discrimination are all important steps that are needed for kids to flourish. While it’s true that this task doesn’t come at a cheap price, governments should be prepared to fund schools to the best of their abilities so that students can have the chance to justly experience inclusive education.

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