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Why People Nowadays Are Getting Used to Solitude 2018-05-25 오전 1:47:00

These days, a whole new trend of doing something solely by one's own is on the rise in South Korea. This act of eating alone is called "Honbap," which is derived from the words "alone" and "meal." Some follow the trend to enjoy the pleasure that "honbap" can give. As the young generation happens to have a fast-paced lifestyle, the long tradition of having meals with groups or families is being pulled to pieces.
However, the majority of Korean citizens do not eat alone for their own good; they have been accustomed to the solitary life due to the severe and bitter reality they are situated in. As the number of single-person households is relentlessly growing, the number of people who live and eat alone also increases. Although individuals living alone can have their meals with their friends or close acquaintances, the majority of them cannot "enjoy" and savor what they eat, even being unable to eat with someone else.
Due to the excessive competition and the rapid development of technology individuals experience commonly, interactions between people have sharply decreased. Individuals have a tendency to give priority to themselves rather than others; thus causing many people to isolate themselves from others. This may be the main reason why "Honbap" is involuntarily becoming a part of our culture.

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