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Deaths of infants in Ewha Womans Univ. Hospital 2018-01-08 오후 12:59:00

While the Ministry of Health and Welfare is focusing on the investigation of epidemiological survey and the cause of the deaths of 4 infants in Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital, the heath authorities promised that they will come up with the countermeasures regarding the safety of the patients and the prevention of recurrence of diseases.

On 16th December 2017, 4 among 16 premature babies died of heart attacks consecutively. Among 12 surviving infants, 9 changed their hospital, 3 got permission to leave Ewha Hospital.

Currently, the police are done with a forensic examination of the scene, and took medical equipment and medicines for investigation. They are focusing on the possibility of malpractice.

The public’s distrust towards Ewha Mokdong hospital and the medical system of Korea as a whole are increasing geometrically. Citrobacter frendil was found through the blood culture test of the three-dead child. The Ministry is suspecting antibiotic resistances.

On 17th, JTBC News Room reported the stories of the families of the deceased babies, allowing the public to sympathize with the insufferable loss that the parents had to endure through. One of the parents’ letter to their child expressed their love and care for the baby, providing teary sights. It wrote, “I am always so sorry for my deficiencies,” “My heart scatters everytime I think of you, but I promised with your dad that we will no longer shed tears.”

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