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Happy new policy 2018-01-02 오후 6:27:00

Happy New Year~ I wish you finished perfect 2017. I have some sad news about cars. Do you have old car in your house? The Ministry of Transportation began implementing policies in the environment in 2017 to increase the number of old car control cameras to avoid excessive fine dust. From this year, the 2003 diesel car also began its crackdown. Our family`s car is also 2003 car. So, we most use the public transportation, bicycle and out feet. As I think riding a bike is catching on our middle school. Students usually go Seoul forest or Han River bridges. A lot of students are buying Road Bike.
Anyway, when did this convenient apparatus come out? The world first cycling federation was made in 1878, England. In these days, a lot of people want to do fun, healthy and safety. Cycling is the collaboration of these three things. Also the bike can ride anyone even despite someone has unhealthy body. The important facts of this sport are balance and pose. Imagine when you ride bike first time. You may fall down lots of times because of balance. Next, clothes are very important. You should wear some comfortable clothes as well as cool ones. When you have scary feeling about cycling, ride on the bike and push the paddle. Even if you fall down, you can ride it smoothly someday. Anyway, there are even more ways without bicycle. For example, there are Socar. It is the company that we can rent electricity cars. Our family is also going to use this car. Socar have good electricity charger Infrastructure. That is why I recommended this car company.

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