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Sword fight 2017-12-30 오후 3:39:00

At my sports center, many children practice kendo. I was curious about the difference between Haedong kendo and Daehan kendo. According to the naver blog, Daehan kendo is the different version of the Japanese kendo. What is Kendo? In the action movie, you can watch crossing swords scene easily. However, the young children go sport center and do crossing swords. This sport called Kendo. Players use bamboo sword when hit other player. Kendo is not a Olympic event. The purpose of this sport is started in mind control. You may hear least once that `` When you exercise or play sport, you can control the mind easily``. Anyway, Kendo helps your mind be better. This sports started before Paleolithic Age. It`s very old sports. Anyway, the players wear guard and hit each other. They hit hand, head, waist and neck. Let`s move out from stress box!

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