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Korea and Japan 2017-12-20 오후 9:19:00

On December 16th, There was a soccer game between Korea and Japan. It was just an evaluation game, but the confrontation between Korea and Japan couldn`t simple. The result of this game is Korea`s overwhelming victory. This game showed us red devil`s potential. Anyway, The 2018 Russia World cup is coming up. Qualifying rounds of this World Cup are still in progress. The South Korean team was won all of the games which they played. The cup will be play in many cities in Russia such as Moscow and Kazan`. Also about 32 nations and all continents will participate. The World cup host selection is unexpectedly easy.
The Candidate nations were Russia, Portugal – Spain, Belgium, Holland and England. But Russia won in a vote easily. The only country certain to play is Russia. Russia is the host nation, so they can enter without trial.
But a lot of issues are disclosing during Russia making soccer stadium. Through Gadian which is the one of the report of United Kingdom newspaper said that many North Korea worker is being downtrodden. The 190 of North Korean workers who participated in the stadium building in Saint Petersburg were found to have been forced to work for four months from August to November last year and they can`t receive allowance for long periods of time. We should look at Russia. Because they already committed many illegal activities.

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