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Mess of the space 2017-11-03 오후 10:27:00

In these days, I`m reading the book name ` 4 percent space` It is very attractive. Anyway are you interested in outer space? This time, the international space station is passing away.
From October 17th to 22th, the Seoul ADEX 2017 held in Seoul Airport. In addition, the president of Korea was participate. You could see scene of black eagles` flight show and miniature. The reason why I am telling you this is because I want to introduce activity related with space.
In this time on space, a couple of Earthman is alive in space station. Because this space station project already has been possible. However, do you know the unique sport on the space?
Astronaut must exercise about 2 hours every day. They do cycling, running, and RED ( Resistance exercise device ).
Why do they exercise long time despite of busy life? Because their bones and muscles will be smaller and weaker when they don`t exercise. Muscles can be cured. However, bones can't fix again. One of the best marathoner or astronaut Timothy peak ran on the running matching in space station because he can't participate marathon contest in London. He has a mission in the space station. So he ran in running matching. He watched simulation while he was running.
When you have a dream or bucket list about space, try to experience why space exercise is needed.

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