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Why the students reduce the school uniform? 2013-04-02 오후 12:47:00

Recently, there was posted on the website of ‘These day boy student’s school uniform trend’ in one online communication site. According to picture, one boy students wear school uniform jean like skinny jeans. And this picture makes disconcerting and smiling.
But why this boy student make school uniform like skinny jean? We don’t only click one´s tongue.
First, we think about why the students reduce the school uniform. All of people always want to play game about win the game. And people always to stand on pride about their well-versed. So which student wants to wear school uniform correctly? The students want to pride about uniform in environment that made them loser. In fact, uniform is most beautiful, when they wear correctly. But we don’t only click one’s tongue. We think about environment that make student loser.

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