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Incheon Overseas Chinese Story Gallery 2017-07-09 오후 4:42:00

Oversea Chinese are Chinese who moved to and settled down in other countries such as Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, or Peru; or their descendants. The unique thing about oversea Chinese is that they do not accept or follow the foreign culture, even though they live in foreign places. Therefore, they form a society that is same as China’s, and they still follow the Chinese cultures.

There is a place in Incheon where people can experience oversea Chinese’s life. Kim-Bo-Seop, a photographer, opened a gallery that exhibits oversea Chinese’s life style. In the exhibition, it mostly shows the story of oversea Chinese’s life during around 1980 to 2000. Since there is a oversea Chinese in Incheon, Korea, in a place called, China Town, Kim Bo Seop pictured their daily life, culture, goods, and street in China town. Also, the building, first generation of oversea Chinese, he most interesting thing to watch is the change in China Town in chronological order.

The main reason why he pictured oversea Chinese is because their number is keep decreasing, especially these days. Therefore, he wanted to keep them in photos in order to preserve their culture at least in pictures. Due to his passion, people can experience, realize, and even get closer to oversea Chinese’s life.

In Korea and China cultural institute in Incheon, there are cultural exhibition, history collection, and other programs that explains and shows oversea Chinese. It is fascination that people can experience and realize Chinese culture without actually visiting China. Furthermore, it informs us Korea and China’s history, culture, economy, and society.

People can see a little of themselves’ identity form oversea Chinese. Koreans’ appearance is reflected in their their unfamiliar custom and daily items, especially their facial expression.
Maybe, it is because we shared the experience of war and separating with our families; oversea Chinese’ separation with their home country and our separation...
We hope that China Town will be best shelter for oversea Chinese.

Tianjin International School (TIS)
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