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Is it fine to let students to make choices? 2017-06-22 오후 11:59:00

Everyone wants freedom. We want to do whatever we want.
However, students need some restrictions. Usually, students follow what their parents let them to do because they are yet immature and they cannot adapt to the society, in their age, without parents’ care. Therefore, when students make decisions about their own lives without their parents’ intervention, there will be so many problems. They are not good at making decision at their age. So, parents should care for them and lead them so that they can make the decision when they became an adult. Some people might say that today’s young people are better able to make decisions about their own life than those of people did in the past. However, of course, this is not a true statement.

Nothing became easier compare to today and the past for students to make better decisions. However, it became severe. As technology develop, there are more inventions of products that interrupt young people from making better choices in their lives, such as smart phone and games. Lots of young people are addicted to these features and make poor decisions that affect their lives negatively. In the past, there were no such products so that students were less interrupt to advance their talents or study better. Therefore, nowadays’ young people, students, need parents’ care. These days’ parents want their children to focus on their own study and wondered the features that disturbs students than those of ten years ago.

Furthermore, today’s young people are not good at making decisions on their own because these days’ way to success became harder than several years ago. Road to success is becoming harsher and harsher. In the past, when young people studied hard by themselves, they could succeed easily. However, these days’ society is harder for students to success which means they should not make the decision by themselves. Even though they do their work diligently, without information, they cannot make better choices about their future, and that is their parents’ role. For example, it is hard for students to find the best academy or tutor that best fits them because they always have some work to do. However, parents can find those for their child and make decision their child. It would be more beneficial than children themselves to choose.

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