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What is Avian Influenza? 2017-06-10 오후 11:06:00

AI, known as Avian Influenza, is an infection appears by influenza virus of birds. For many years, many people thought that this infection only affect birds. However, it was not. It could affect human deadly. Human can infected to this influenza through excrements of birds like chickens, ducks, and eggs, dusts, even air, and so on. And if a person infected this influenza, the person can even die. It means AI can be extremely dangerous to human. Not only for human, it can be dangerous to birds too. To escape from this influenza, we should know exactly about what is AI and learn how to prevent this influenza.
This will be simple to understand AI as a flu of birds which can affect people too. The casualties because of AI first appeared at Hongkong. And as the time goes, it spread to Korea too. In fact AI appears in Korea every year (it appeared in 2016 too), and many birds died and many people got risks or even died because of AI every year. When AI affect birds, most people kill the birds to prevent the spread of this infection.
Then, how can we prevent this influenza?
First, we should avoid to visit a place which is this infection spread, and we should avoid to eat birds like chickens, ducks and so on. It is the easiest and the most effective way to prevent AI. But if we had to eat birds like chickens and ducks, we must eat them after we boil them. It means we must not eat them when they are uncooked. In fact, mostly, it will be safe to eat chickens or ducks if we boiled them properly and safely. Most virus and bad germs will be eliminated by high temperature while we boil them. So we will not infected by AI influenza if we eat birds after we boil them.
Second, we should care about our clean more. For example, we should take a shower and wash our hands more frequently. And especially after we visited a place which AI spread, or even another places, we should wash our hands. Through washing hads, we can remove virus and bad germs which was on our hands. That's why that many people include doctors say washing hands is important when we got sick.
AI, Avian Influenza is very dangerous, but the ways that we can prevent this influenza is quite simple. We can prevevent the infection by avoiding place which AI spread, avoid to eat birds, and care about our clean more.

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