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The importance of 6.10 pro-democracy movement 2017-06-10 오후 4:55:00

June 10th, 2017 is a special and valuable day to Korea. Today is 30th anniversary of 6.10 pro-democracy movement. So in Korea, many people honor people who participated in the 6.10 pro-democracy movement. And why do we honor and remember people who participated the movement? Why is this movement important?
In 1987 June 10th, in every local place of Korea, many people started this movement and participated it. The reasons of this movement is associated with the president election. In those days, people couldn't vote for their president in their own. People demanded a direct election, but the government refused it. So people started to resist against the government for their democracy by direct election. Finally, the government provided people the direct election and people got democracy.
The 6.10 pro-democracy movement is important for some importances.
First, normal people fought against the government together. Normal citizens like students, college students, employees, teachers and lots of people fought against the government themselves in each local place. They were not rich people or some people with high grade. They were just normal residents.
Second, no on offered them to resist, they started to resist against the government by their decisions. They realized the problems of our country and government, and they tried to change it. Of course it was difficult to got democracy, many people died and got injured during the movement. But people didn't give up. People kept resisting for democracy and they created their own democracy themselves.
We should know that 6.10 pro-democracy movement has affected our country directly. Many people think direct election as a matter of course, but in fact, if many people didn't resist against the government, we would not be able to vote for a president directly. Also, our country is well-known as a democracy nation. However, without the 6.10 pro-democracy movement, we could be a dictatorship.
Like those, 6.10 pro-democracy movement is important and valuable movement to our country. Today is 30th anniversary of this movement, so why don't you think about 6.10 pro-democracy movement carefully today?

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