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Ordinary people, Innovative than the Entrepreneurs 2017-06-04 오후 11:02:00

How did the Collective intelligence change our economy? Maybe you have an experience of writing an online comment after buying stuffs on a board. This can also be led to collective intelligence! In other words, only after writing a comment can change the economy! So how?

In the past, corporations and consumers were in a separate fields and were not connected so much. They were in a simple relationships. There weren't many kinds of products, and the consumers did not give their voices out so actively so the effects the consumers have on the corporations were not significant. However, as the trends have changed in a rapid pace nowadays, the consumers have changed, too. They are being more sensitive and intend to evaluate a product in a detailed criteria. As a result, the corporations are trying to be all ears toward the consumers so that they can increase their profit.

This is not the end. The consumers with collective intelligence are not merely purchasing the products, but also producing them. For instance, you write a comment online after you buy a sweater. Then, a number of people click 'like it' and agree with you. In this situation, the people who clicked 'like it' on your comment becomes a collective intelligence. This can be shown to the company, and the company reflect your opinions actively. They try to enhance the quality of the sweater by listening to your opinion, and revising the flaws. However, the companies are keep trying more than that. They use the collective intelligence of the consumers in various ways. Many companies advertise the idea of the product while planning, or they start producing the product with the consumers together in various ways include 'crowd funding's. This is usually called, 'crowd sourcing business'. Sometimes, they release the way to make the product to all, and require to finish the product made by consumers. This is the 'open source' way. This indicates that collective intelligence is far more important than the company's secret. Another way is than they ask the consumers of the way to resolve the flaws of the product, when they cannot find out the proper resolutions. Nowadays, also, the 'prosumers' have appeared. The word 'prosumer' is a compound of consumer and producer. Many corporations are accepting the prosumers' ideas and are actively reflecting those ideas on the product even though the launch of the product is delayed.

Like these situations, the collective intelligence that consumers have is so powerful that it is affecting the overall economic activities of the corporations.

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