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The problem of the education of Korea 2017-06-03 오전 11:46:00

Currently, the Korean education system is forcing students to study in order to get good grades and achieve their final goal which is entering the universities they want. However, this type of education can't pull out students' creativity and potential abilities, or might even suppress them. Students who get low grades in mid-term or final exams might suffer from frustration and their self-confidences will drop dramatically. The current education system, in which students are not even given the opportunity to study the things that are needed for them to achieve their goals in universities, is certainly undesirable.
According to my childhood experiences, international schools in foreign countries evalute students using various assessments and criteria. There are activities such as group study, presentations, writing reports based on science experiments, making creative products and etc. They also provide opportunities for students to go on camps for a week or one-day trips. This type of wide-ranged education can help students expand their knowledge and make them develop their own perspectives of looking at world issues.
There is a clearly evident problem in the education of Korea that needs to be improved. It is true that scores are important. But the education system has to encourage students so that they can find out their values and potentials and develop them instead of simply evaluating them based on their relative grades. Creative programs such as job experiences, field trips or programs for personality development need to be added to the education system of Korea.

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