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The Crime of Regulations 2017-05-07 오후 8:20:00

School regulations exist in order for there to be a certain set of rules to abide by and to represent the school’s expectations for both students and staff alike. Although constant management by the school is necessary for a healthy learning environment, many of these rules, specifically dress codes, are raising questions in the educational community. Seemingly harmless dress codes may be embedded in a history of sexism and prejudice against females- teaching girls that the length of their skirts and the fit of their blouses are the issue, therefore continuing to blame the victim, and not the culprit. Because students are placed in school every day of the week, they should be able to dress comfortably without the overbearing pressure to fit a particular guideline. Granted, there should be a suggested standard in terms of dress codes so that students aren’t excessively distracting the lesson at hand, but the guiding principle should not be the center of focus, nor the center of punishments.
Many schools firmly claim that creativity and ideas are the essence of education, and should be cultivated in young minds. What’s ironic, however, is the lack of freedom that students are handed to express themselves through their outward appearance. When every microscopic detail that a student chooses to express themselves with is taken away and they are left reprimanded, it’s easy for creative outlets to be harshly blocked. Makeup, jewelry, and hair color are all basic components of how a student conveys their existence socially, and regulating these factors may have the backfiring effect of students harvesting negative emotions against the school itself.
All in all, rules and standards are undeniably essential ingredients to a certain degree, if carried out with the right mindset and heart. However, it’s just as mandatory for regulations to be a system to keep students in check, as it is to be gentle guidelines. It’s also important to realize that schools are fundamentally preparing students for a better society and future, and regulations should not stand so forcibly in the way of it.

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