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"The Good Wife" 2016-09-04 오후 9:53:00

tvN's new drama "The Good Wife" received wide public attention due to the fact that it was based on American drama "The Good Wife," the television series that was on air from 2009 to 2016, and because of its casting that starred Jeon Doyeon, Yoon Gyesang and Yoo Ji Tae, all renowned actors and actress.

The episode mainly depicted on how a typical housewife who studied law before her marriage goes back to pursuing her job as an attorney, after realizing that her husband had been cheating on her. The drama was acclaimed because of its subtle portrayal of the emotions felt by the protagonists of the story: the anger from cheating, sympathy toward children, love felt toward coworker, hatred and disappointment toward once trusted friend.

Throughout the series, the protagonist HyeKyung Kim (Jeon Doyeon) was dubbed as the victim of male dominated household since the story mainly focused on how her husband slyly used her to restore his reputation, feigning his love toward her and their children. Tied under the name of family, Kim is severely precluded from prioritizing herself and her emotions.

The love felt between Seo Jungwon and Kim HyeKyung also spiced up the story as a whole. The star crossed lovers constantly craved for each other, but was incessantly restricted and discouraged in front of what is called "reality." Though it was pure and naive love for the couple, the world only viewed their love as "cheating."

"The Good Wife" effectively exhibited the problems of female who had been very dependent on their husband but had to break away from the ties. It also satirizes the public's attitude towards the women who pursue jobs even after marriage, inciting the audience by showing the rude attitudes of Kim's coworkers--making fun of her husband and her hard work. It seems that our society still needs to take greater steps to reach total gender equality.

tianjin international school
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