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Design for My Future 2016-06-11 오전 12:13:00

I want to be a special animal to become a vet. The reason why I like animals.
But this job is very hard and difficult jobs and a rare area. Because treatments for rare animals and to do some work to connect. Restore a For example, while searching the internet news not long ago and, I have seen of the news.
A rare animal like this and maintaining work to protect endangered animals to special care of animals or, literally in their ecological environment, and or conservation of species That affect things. Another reason why I want to be a special animal vet is generally well known to treat other animals do you look is also important but rare people's attention back out To protect them because they can be neglected or Sarah andis it important to keep. For example, what special animal veterinarians are doing as Suweon Tree Frog are Asiatic black bears and endangered species of restoration or preservation, taking care of amphibians, or life partner animal, Reptiles, rats, hedgehog, I'm treating a rats, hamsters, In the old days, data, because it was very poor but nowadays many information and the demand for a special animal that I don't have a lot of special animal because increasing A special animal vet is getting a lot of important and requires steam and demand. Also, fracture surgery, and snails in these times of the world and an older or not uncommon to see exotic animals because my dream is very important in the future, and bigger Think that I would be able to and Prospects and the role of bright, I think it will. Anyway, in a special animal vet profession is very attractive job for me, live as one of the re-write.
Veterinary medicine is part of many kinds. first, small animal vet who is common. second, large animal vet. this vet is care domestic animals. third, fish vet. who is care farming fishes. finally, wild animal vet. this vet is care or protect wild animals. Will become a vet, I will study hard and I have to enter the veterinary University that a premedical course for 2 years. and than a regular course for 4 years. finally After graduating from college and Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural secretary is a admit examination of state. if I have passed the exam, it's time for my a new career And then I can gain my new experience qua pay doctor.
Which in the book says "The one who is good at something can't win the one who does his best, and the one who does his best can't win the one who enjoy it." I read the article.
Moment and moment I'm studying hard to achieve my dream and my reading a lot of knowledge and experience to get wisdom beyond the hard.
Things to work hard to become a veterinarian and work to do to clip and read a paper written by veterinary surgeons and rare animals on the high level to collect information, To study biology, such as in several subjects such as math and English and studying hard and Saffron, the civil volunteer organizations in the Frontier as Agricultural Technology Center even take care of their abandoned pets in Changwon.
The repetition of these efforts these moments is when you need me, but there is more when they got through it. and I really felt inside me a great joy I feel so proud. Then I'm walking also hopes on a new challenge and surefooted steps. A good result as if one is given, but can be good, but even if failure to discover that soon became a challenging the something else afterwards and myself Achieve.
I don't know also establishes itself and for new choices and choices for the and happy to participate in various selection process to achieve my dream. These various processes and accomplish, not the only thing they have to dream about thinking process. I will help him overcome any problems and there are only dreaming will not become my dreams.

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