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Building my future as a Third Culture Kid 2016-06-07 오후 11:18:00

Third Culture Kid, in short TCK, may be a unfamiliar word for many students who have only lived and stayed in one country of their parents. People often refer children who live in different culture than that of their parent and nationalities as TCK. As TCK, I had a plethora of experiences that a normal South Korean student may not have, and those opportunities that are offered to me, significantly influenced my current life as a high schooler and framed my future plan.

If one asks me to choose the single invaluable experience that I had as international student, I will not hesitate to choose "Model United Nations." Model United Nations conference, abbreviated as MUN, triggered by interest in language and furthermore encouraged me to pursue job in broadcasting system. As a shy 7th grade girl who did not know procedures of the conference, I was alarmed by the fact that there are alarmingly large number of students who are actually fluent in English--at that time I thought Korean students can never be as fluent as English-speaking people. After my very first conference, I promised myself to become president of a committee and moreover, Secretary General of the conference in the future.

Ever since winter of 2012, I tried to read various articles covering vast area, including the situation in the West bank, terrorism and conflicts in Arab world, chaos created by Evola virus, MERS and Zika virus and the concept of national sovereignty along with principles of Responsibility to Protect (R2P). Eventually, I was able to know the relationship between the countries better, which eventually helped me to become a shrewd representative, delegate, of certain country. Additionally, I took economics and English language course, not only for the development of myself, but also to be qualified as a debater who is able to comprehend the economic terms and suggest related solutions in the conference. I was main submitter for several difference conferences and got honorable mention in Security Council as the delegate of Russian Federation; and based on my numerous experiences, I was able to participate in three conference as the President of a committee.

Now, I am preparing with my fellow executive team for next school years Model United Nations conference. Indeed it is a lot of work; however, I am more than happy to help others who need help.

What appearances quite often when debating over a world issue is "raising awareness through various means such as newspaper, brochure, posters, Social Networking System, websites and government sponsored campaign." Though the clauses that are simply focusing on the creation of awareness of the issues are almost always rejected and even criticize by other delegates as being "vague" and "ineffective," I had conviction that creating awareness, spreading the words around and reminding people to be attentive to the world around them is first step to resolve the formidable troubles surrounding the globe, and this is why I want to pursue a job as announcer. I sincerely want to be part of that first but most important step to achieve global peace and it is undoubtable that I will be keep on trying until my dream comes true.

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