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Good effects from Social Network site 2016-05-05 오후 10:34:00

Do you know how many people in world are using SNS? Nowadays, about three billion people use SNS, and the users of SNS are increasing and increasing. There will be the reason why lots of people are using SNS. I am sure that it is because SNS gives good effects to our life.
First, users can enjoy their time with others. For example, SNS let users search for people they know, and because other people can search for them, they may end up reunited with a long-lost classmate or colleague. Also, if people join Facebook, they can play games with friend across the internet, join groups of people with similar interests, and interact with topical Facebook pages about people, places or things.
Second, users can get special information they want or they need. For example, users can follow other user who posts helpful or interesting things and get the idea every time. Also, other SNS named LinkedIN can be useful for people who is looking for new job or professional advice.
By this reasons I believe that SNS gives good effects to our life. Although SNS gives good effects to our life, SNS users should care their privacy on SNS safely and think about own posts carefully not to be dragged into diverse kind of problems.

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