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Influences of the K-pop star season 4 2015-04-19 오후 11:39:00

K-pop star, which is one of the most famous audition programs all around the world, had its last audition broadcasting on April 12th. Top 2 participants ; Cathy Kim and Jung-Seung-Hwan has nip and tuck competition. And after the intense competition, Cathy Kim has finally won Jung-Seung-Hwan. And she selected YG as her entertainment, as her winning present. Also, during the broadcasting, cause it was the last audition broadcasting, other famous perticipants not just from season 4 but also other seasons came and have special stages. And Park-jin-yeong, who is the founder of the GYP entertainment, had his first comeback stage at K-pop start season 4 last broadcasting.
After a week, today(April 19th, Sunday) two other perticipants from K-pop star selected their entertainer. They were Jung-seung-Hwan and Lee-Jin-A, and they selected Antena entertainment as their entertainment. And in my opinion, because other seasons were the same, other participants will select their entertainer in short time. And I really hope to see other participants in the music program as a singer as soon as possible!!

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