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Inconvenience-Reporting Postcard 2014-10-14 오후 10:36:00

I surveyed some investigation for 50 bus users whether they know about inconvenience-reporting postcard. (second picture).

According to their answer, 89% of users said they didn’t know.

As its name itself, this postcard is a letter using for reporting incommodiousness of the bus.
In the card, there are sections like unreasonable-fee collecting, uncleanness, equipment-badness, refusal to take a passenger, and rudeness of driver etc.
Check on the pertinent data, write your address and name and it goes to the city hall.

Through the investigation, I found out a lot of resentments.
People wanted bus to have user requiring equipments like a wastebasket, mini seats like a cart using in the mart to put babies or package on it.
Like these, I can figure out how people want bus to be changed and many fresh ideas that people have.

Dissatisfactions about bus still exist due to low recognition of the postcard because it is installed on the side so that people can’t easily make a public cry.

So the first step should be done, making people can use the card whenever they need.
Putting on the side that we can find easily and also put informing records in the bus too.

However, what we should more pay attention is that the 11% of people who know about the postcard didn’t use the card although they feel uncomfortable in bus.

We are bus users.
Right attitude of consumer is very urgency for all-together public virtue.

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