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Unfortunate Palace, Kyung Un Gung 2014-09-01 오후 9:08:00

Do you know about Kyung Un Gung? Most people would not know it when I say this. If I said Deok Su Gung, most people would know. These two names are the same place. Kyung Un Gung is Deok Su Gung's old name, before the Japanese Colonial era. I would like to tell you about the unfortunate palace's history.

The first story I would like to tell you was how Kyung Un Gung was made. It became a palace when the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592 was finished. The king of Chosun (King Sun Jo) left the palace and ran away. Prince Gwanghae had fought with the people, so the popularity of Gwanghae rose. Sun Jo was jealous of this. The palaces such as Kyeung Bok Gung had been burned, so Sun Jo used the Wolsan prince's house, and it became Kyung Un Gung's Back Gol house.

The second unfortunate story was when Gwanghae had been king. Because King Gwanghae was the son of a royal concubine, he lived in terror all of his days. He confined Queen Inmok at the Back Gol house, and killed the queen's son, Prince Young Chang. This soon became In Jo's restoration. Gwanghae was killed at the Back Gol house.

The last unfortunate and important story was when Go Jong was on the throne. Because Queen Myeongseong had been killed at Kyung Bok Gung, Go Jong had to live in Kyung Un Gung in terror. There was a fire in Kyung Un Gung. We assume that Lee Wan Yong set the fire. In Joong Myung Jeon, we had the Protectorate Treaty between Korea and Japan, which concluded in 1905. Also, because of the Hague emissary, Go Jong had to give the throne to Soon Jong. The Japanese mockingly gave Kyung Un Gung a new name, Deok Su Gung which means to live long and healthy.

All in all, there were these unfortunate and sad events in Deok Su Gung. The saddest story is that Deok Su Gung's restorations of all the palaces, and use the remaining money. I think this palace has to be restored better with more money. What do you think?

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