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The effects of smartphone. 2014-08-02 오후 5:32:00

Today, I will talk about the effects of smartphone. Nowadays, many people can use smartphone anytime, anywhere. Smartphone is one of the start-point of world's development. A smartphone has many useful applications like dictionary, internet, calendar, and many others. Even though I acknowledge the various usages of smartphone, I believe it has more disadvantages than its utility. Here, I would like to talk about the demerits of smartphone.

First, smartphones make people have thick heads. Until I was in second or third grade, most of people had memorized their family's numbers or their friends' numbers. Since then, time and circumstance changed a lot, so the technology has been developed. All the numbers are stored on the phone, so we don't have to memorize things. Even for math problems, we use a calculator from a smartphone. Without smartphone, people feel uneasy because they depend on it heavily. Also, the internet site, Naver, has a program called 'knowledge-in', which is a place that people can ask any questions and even answer the questions. Many students use that cyber-place to get answers to solve the workbooks which are their homework.

Secondly, a smartphone gives harmful influence on one of our most important things, health. By using a smartphone for work or refreshment too much, it can cause turtle neck syndrome, dry eye syndrome, amblyopia, and make people to get tired often. Do you want your health to get impaired by just satisfying your desire? I believe you wouldn't. Even a smartphone for a convenience and an entertainment, we should think about the side effect on our health. If we control and balance it, it would be perfect tool for humans. Unfortunately, it is hard to be moderate, especially for students.

Third, by using a smartphone, fraud or bullying could happen. Have you ever heard about a new kind of phone-fraud? It could happen by just getting the phone from somebody. For instance, someone sends a message, saying the word with curse. You get upset and call back to that person. Later, you find out that you are overcharged. How ridiculous! How sticky situation! Cyber-cop try to make these problems clearly solved, but they cannot stop all the cases, so people still get swindles. Next, let's talk about students being bullied by smartphones. Many students feel suicidal and actually kill-themselves or try self-mutilation after they get bullied. This is one of the biggest problems in our country. For example, the rumors spread too fast among students by smartphones. Even before a bullied student attempts to stop its spreading, it is out of hand. That's why they decide to give up their lives.

Finally, smartphone gives convenience to our life, but someone also gets pain from its : memory loss, over dependence, health problem, fraud and bullying. These are the reasons that I think a smartphone gives bad effects on people. I mentioned smartphone has given many good things in our life but its harmful effects can't be compared with its sugar-coated benefits. What do you think about this? Do you still want to pay arms and legs for it? It's your choice.

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글작성자 - kkandolju :
2016-05-07 오전 2:22:08
  잘읽고가요~ -주훈석학생
글작성자 - sso08074 :
2014-08-02 오후 5:33:38
  많이 봐주세요~^^
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