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Heat Wave: How Serious Can it Get? 2013-08-10 오후 9:02:00


As you might have noticed when you reached summer vacation, you will think this year’s heat wave might be worse than ever. Plus, as we reached middle of August, think how many weeks of summer vacation are left. Personally, they’ll be about 2 weeks of summer vacation left, and let’s get to the point: August is August. It’ll still be August when school begins again. Do you think you’ll go to school when the heat wave is continuing? In this article, I will write about the problems this heat wave causes and where it is strong.

So what is the Reason of Heat Waves, Anyway?

So you might be wondering what causes heat waves. To be simple, the main causes of heat waves are global warming and environment pollution. These make the weather simply lose control. Heavy rain and melting ice glaciers are examples. Heat waves are one of them. So it’s you can take it seriously.

Problems Heat Waves are causing and where the Heat Waves are Strong

I think you can easily guess the first one: sunstrokes! If you have seen the TV news lately, you might have saw that people have died of sunstrokes. It makes your pulse gets really weak, your skin gets cold, and you sweat a lot. Another problem is heat strokes. If you get a heat stroke, your pulse becomes fast, your skin gets very hot, and you get knocked out a lot. The third and last reason is you can’t go to school when vacation ends. To be specific (this was on the TV news, too), the heat wave even made vacation delayed from a school because it was so hot.
Now, I will tell where the heat waves are strong (another fact from TV news). It is the East side (of Korea). The reason is, when the clouds goes to the East, It rains it out on the mountains. That is why the east side of Korea is hot.


In conclusion, Heat waves are caused of global warming and environment pollution. It can cause sunstrokes, heat strokes, and vacation delaying. Plus, Heat waves are strong in the east side of Korea. The reason is, the clouds rain it out on the mountains.

By Writer Yoon Suh Cha

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