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Volunteer activity in Paju 2013-06-15 오후 3:40:00

In June 15, 2013, Paju held a Volunteer activity and Natural ecology learning Experience. The place was Sonchundong distributing reservoir and the Rice Paddy and Field of reeds of Gongrung Stream. In this Article, I will write about what events this experience activity held.

First of all, it had a activity (It was pretty tricky). Second of all, the people who went to took part in the volunteer service got to see birds like white herons out of a telescope. Third of all, we got to learn that wetland (including rice paddies) animals like frogs and mud fishes were at the bottom of the food chain. Forth of all, we got to see the tree where lots of birds sit and rest. Fifth of all, when the volunteer activity finished, the leaders handed balloons, doughnuts, and drinks to everybody.

In conclusion, I think this volunteer activity was wonderful. I got to learn about wetland animals, made pinwheels out of reeds, watched white herons, and saw a tree where many birds sit and rest.
I really prefer you to go to this event this autumn!

Volunteer activity in Paju; by contributing writer Cha Yoon Suh

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