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Yellow dust 2013-05-30 오후 6:44:00

It is nice to see Spring, but with Spring time comes self invited guests - the yellow dust!
There is the change of season from to warm, yellow dust ultra violet rays and anther dust.
The parents with kids don't like the self invited guests.

( How to prevent the yellow dust health problems )

- Try to restrain oneself from going outside and enjoy being in the house.
- Close doors or windows. You have to prevent the yellow dust from getting inside.
- If go to outside, you have to wear glasses and a mask.
- Wear long clothes, scarf, hat E.T.C to not have to much exposure to the skin.
- If you go to outside, and into the house, you must wash your hands and feet.
- You must drink 8 cups of water a day.
- You must play outside less.
- You must eat vitamin C and E.

All of the children read health problems and protect our body from yellow dust.

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