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What is Moonist? 2013-05-28 오후 10:28:00

As you know, Korea has been separated into two parts; South and North. Until now, she doesn’t show any dashes of unification. However, actually there is one religion “Moonist” created by Moon Sun Myeong in Seoul, 1954, has continuously kept in touch with North Korea. Well, some of you will not be familiar with this religion because it isn’t not that prevalent in Korea, right now. So I searched some stuffs about Moonist and Moon Sun Myeong.

Like I said before, “Moonist” was originated by Moon Sun Myeong for integration of scattered churches around the world under the myths and truths based on the philosophy “realizing the creation ideology made by Jejus.” Moon Sun myeong had been trying to make his religion spread out, but it had been faced a problem in 1955 on account of the accident called “Yonsei university- Ewha womans university. They claimed that the religion can interrupt their purpose of education. However, fortunately, he wasn’t sentenced and the judge was the judge him“innocent”.

After Vietnam war was broken out, he had an exposition about “Korea in World.”
In his lecture, he strongly insisted that all countries should participate if North Korea invades South Korea, persisting that Moonist stands “anti-communism” and “a fort for patriotism.”

In 1989, after intestinal wall in Berlin had been broken for celebrating her unification, Moon sun myeong became the agency of peace movement. Then he founded the federation for unification of North and South Korea, and newspaper called 전교학, which sarcatiscally criticized the movement of advanced students. After that, he continuously communicated with North Korea. For instance, when his 80th birthday, he gave Kim Jung Il a mountain ginseng antiquated for 90 years.

Eventually, he passed away on September 3rd, 2012 and his son was apprenticed as the next proprietor of “Moonist”

I think everything existed in this world has strong points and drawbacks. It was rewarding time for me to research about Moonist.

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