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Postponed Tokyo Olympics 2020-03-30 오전 12:01:00

The IOC officially announced on Monday that it would postpone the Tokyo Olympics until next year.

Japanese media including Yomiuri Newspaper and Asahi Newspaper reported on the 29th that the organizing committee of the event has prepared a plan to host the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, which have been postponed due to the spread of Corona19. There have been many recent cases of the Olympics opening on Friday, and it is likely to open on July 23 next year as it is close to the originally scheduled opening date of July 24, according to the media.

And the IOC decided to retain the qualification of the athletes who earned the ticket to the Tokyo Olympics.
So far, 57% of all athletes have earned a ticket to the Tokyo Olympics.

The IOC made it official by posting on its Web site Bach's statement that next year's Olympic name itself is the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, so it should remain eligible.

This raises the possibility that soccer, the only event with a 23-year-old age limit, will extend its playing age by one year.

If this happens, Olympic team players such as Lee Dong-Joon and Jung Tae-Wook, who will turn 24 next year, will also be able to participate in the Olympics.

NHK estimated that if the competition is postponed by one year, the loss of 640 billion yen (about 8 trillion won) will be incurred by the stadium and other facilities, and the cost incurred by the sports organization.

I hope Japan and IOC can solve the damage caused by delaying the Tokyo Olympics by one year.

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