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sns witch hunt by teenagers 2015-09-01 오후 8:45:00

Do you remember the first advent of Smartphones? Maybe I guess they were Iphone series. It must have been revolutionary. Thankfully there Smartphones helped human race live much more affluent, and we are able to communicate much faster with each other now. Actually, they changed the world! People all around the globe became contacted with a flood of Messengers. Also, with the advance of inventions of applications, SNS appeared. SNS means Social Networking Service. We can recognize each other’s daily life, characteristics, and hobbies. Most of us’ friends have SNS applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All things have both merits and demerits. A lot of users felt invasions of privacy. However, the most important problem is a witch hunt in SNS.
A word ‘Witch Hunt’ came from a holocaust which is held in 15th century to kill witches who don’t believe in Christianity. Nowadays, this word means no-reason attack to a certain person such as celebrities and outcasts. Of course there are lots of examples of these between adults. Yet, there are also plenty of examples between teenagers. I want to talk about these.
I also have a smartphone and most of my friends enjoy SNS, mostly Facebook. We share our interests and talk to each others with SNS messengers. I’m satisfied with these functions. But, I have seen a news about a witch-hunt which was held by teenagers before. In detail, teenagers attacked one student with no-reason. Maybe the student was just a victim of attackers to rent their anger. The victim had to take a mental recover program for a long time. As we know with this example, I want to tell you that teenagers are much more dangerous than adults are.
Teen is the most chaotic section of one’s life. They don’t want to watch an other sides, and don’t see the situation differently. To summarize, they are immature.
My opinion is that teenagers must take a speaking-kindly lesson and mine-understanding lesson in School. Also, school should try to handle this serious situation by regulations and education programs. Of course, SNS has a nice benefit such as Ice Bucket Challenge, but it can be a poison to teenagers. It can be a amplification to their curiosity, too. I think the best way to prevent the witch-hunt is to apply a speaking filter on SNS program, or placing a professional problem solver on it. It will be a effective solution to calm them down.
SNS can be a useful way to communicate each other to teenagers, but its problems are getting much more serious. I claim there should be some solutions to solve this problem. We should be more alert about this topic, too. I wish there will be a shiny future on SNS between teenagers.

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