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Unification, is there only Advantages? 2015-07-15 오후 8:00:00

2 days ago, there was a lecture about unification in our school, but the lecturer only said about unification's advantages. Moreover, a part of information was wrong. I felt like the lecturer try to plant the think 'Unification is right unconditionally' by force. I was really angry about it, and I decide to write the news about unification. I hope to read this article narrowly and think about unification of Korea.

Before we start about Korea's unification in earnest,let's talk about unification in the world. There are three typical country which divided before or divided until now.These three countries are Germany, Vietnam and Korea. After the Second World War, German was divided to East Germany and West Germany in 1945. However, Germany prepare and effort the unificate steadily. Finally, in October 3rd, 1990, the Beriln Wall that the boundary of the East Germany and the West Germany was collapsed and unificated. Germany's unification was absorbing unification. Vietnam was diviced to the North Vietnam and the South Vietnam in 1954. And in 1975, Vietnam was unificated by war. The North Vietnam was won the war and Vietnam became to communism country. Against these two countries, Korea doesn't unificate until now. Then, let's talk about it.

According to the Korea's Unificate preparing commite, in 2050, unificated Korea will take second place in GDP -Gross Domestic Product-. Also, CSBN said Korea can be distribution central nation by Eurasia Initiative that the trail trough the Busan, North Korea, China, Center of Asia and Europe. However, these things are hard to become true. First of all, it's hard to unificate in 2050. Nowadays, North Korea's movement is suspicious. The North America keep provoke and our country doesn't prepare fundamental things. Moreover, the North Korea and the South Korea are on ceasefire. Our war is not finished yet. Aren't we finish the war first? Before we finish the war, it will be hard to unificate. Second, cost for unification will be over our predict. When Germany unificate, two countries' GDP was 4:1. For 20 years from unification, Germany used 3 thousand trillion Won (3,000,000,000,000,000 Won) for unificate and the East Germany's economy is 30% weak than the West Germany. Many companies in East Germany bankrupt and there are a lot of debt in Germany. In now, the South Korea and the North Korea's GDP is 25:1. Also, unlike Germany. we didn't prepare anythings for unificate. Korea's economy will collapse when we progress absorbing unification. Last, Eurasia Initiative is hard to install. Now, government don't use much money for train and it's hard to improve the railroad in the South Korea. Also, the North Korea's railroad is very short then our railroad. So when we trail the Eurasia Initiative, it will be take a lot of money and time to construct railroad. And railroad is not help much to distribution. The ship is more profitable than the railroad in distribution.

These are facts which people don't know well about unification. Of course, Korea need unification. But I don't agree Korea should unificate as fast as we can. We should unificate after we prepare like enough money and smooth communication with the North Korea. Don't pressure the other people and don't look only advantages of unification. Make them people know about advantages and disadvantages correctly about unification. It's time to think again and prepare perfectly.

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