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Recycling of Plastic Bottles 2015-07-14 오후 9:28:00

Due to the invention of plastic, we are now living in the most convenient age ever before. Think about everything around us. From plastic bottles to blackboard, almost everything is made from plastic. However, most of us have no interests at its dark side. Look at the trash can in the classroom. Focus on the recycling bin for 'plastic' things. You may see lots of toothbrushes, pens, and also, plastic bottles. Convenience and environmental problems are two sides of the same coin.

Plastic bottles are trouble for many countries. It is because despite its convenience, it is one of the main causes of pollution. Annually, 80% of plastic bottles are buried or burned. Nevertheless, these measures cannot be the best solution. They do not decay easily, so they cause soil pollution.

Recycling is much more essential and intimate alternative. We can recycle plastic bottles by following five steps. First of all, we have to classify the plastic assortatively. We can do it by many ways, such as using near-infrared ray or censor that distinguishes colors. Secondly, we have to tear off the papers or films attached to the plastic. Thirdly, wash them with water or chemical substances. Next, grate the pet and mix it with chemicals. At this step, we should eliminate foreign substances, too. Finally, we have to melt the material at very high temperature and pull away like noodles. It becomes the fabric that can be shaped however we want.

We can find the examples of recycled plastic bottles near us. For instance, postmen's uniforms are made from recycled plastic bottles. One uniform of them needs 11 plastic bottles. It is also very advantageous because it is light, durable, and waterproof like plastic bottles.

In conclusion, we have to recognize the severity of pollution caused by plastic and the importance of recycling it. It is global issue that only a person or nation cannot bear. Therefore, everyone in the whole world has to think of it as a significant problem and take action as much as possible.

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