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The rise of men''''s cosmetic industry in Korea 2013-09-30 오후 9:54:00

Recently ABC news broadcasted about cosmetic products in South Korea wich has raised more than 10% last year.
Even though many people suffer from financial difficulties it seems like cosmetic products seems to attract more men. This trend has made Korean Cosmetic Industry to release more cosmetics to earn profits.

And it leads to us why some men are so obsessed with cosmetics.
One reason why this has become popular is the craze of K-pop also known as Korean pop. This boy group members apply cosmetic products to look better and to earn fame. Naturally influencing Korean men to apply the cosmetics in wish for self-satisfaction, pride and so on.

The other reason is that the cosmetic product has become another way to boast their wealth. Now the act of buying and consuming of new released technology machinary has become universal causing more men to look for another ways to show their economic status.

Due to global warming which has been thinning the ozone layer men should and must apply cosmetic products in order to protect their skin. This has become an important issue which leads to skin cancer freckles and other skin problems.

The trend of 'appearance orientation' has caused more man to look for ways to decorate oneself.
Also due to increased unemployment crisis, many young generation embellish themselves for job interviews. To succeed in their public/social life more people are seeking ways to decorate themselves.

However they are not acknowleding the fact that appearance does not represent oneself wholly. What is important is their mature mind and conscious mind as a global citizen.
Unfortuantely this seems to be forgotten in modern society

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