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Health care 2013-08-25 오후 1:21:00

There are many arguments between heath medical care. Some people say ″Yes!″, and other people say ″No!″ about
health care. The country does free medical care for all of their citizens. Do you agree or disagree? Ronald Regon ,40th
president of the United States said ″... I think we are telling our senior citizens that no one in this country should be
denied medical care because of a lack of funds. But I think we are against forcing all citizens, regardless of need, into a
compulsory government program, especially when we have such examples, as announced last week, when France
admitted that their medicare program was now bankrupt.″ Amnesty International said ″Health care is a public good, not a
commodity. Gaps in the health care system should be eliminated so that all communities, rich and poor, have access to
comprehensive, quality treatment and services.″ Ronald Regon disagree with medical health care because of lack of
money. Amnesty International says that all citizens have right to have quality treatment and services. I agree with Ronal
Regon, I disagree with medical treatment, because of prices that will be used on medical care.
nce´s system of singlepayer
health care coverage is very, very inefficent. Another major problem with universal health
care efficiency is waiting lists. In 2006 in Britatin it was reported hat almost a million Britains were waiting for admission to
hospitals for procedures. In Sweden, the lists for heart surgeries are 25 weeks long and hip replacements take a year.
Next, universal healthcare is not affordable. No policy is created, debated or implemented in a vacuum. The backdrop of
implementing universal health coverage now is, unfortunately, the greatest economic downturn of the last 80 years. With
estimates htat the cost of this investment might reach 1.5 trillion dollars in the next decade, the answer is resounding no.
Even the Center on Budget and Policy Prioritiesa
left leaning think tankopined
that the Congress could not come up
with the necessary funding to go ahead with the health reform without introducinf some very unpopular policies. Like what
the Ronald Regon said, France had admitted their program cost a very expensive. We can use the money to other policies,
if we don´t do medical care.
Third, universal healthcare will reduce innovation. In the market economy, the key to innovation is the idea of reaping
profits. The US´s current system has a marketplace of different private insures capavle of making individual and often
different decisions on how and which procedures they´ll choose to cover.
In conclusion, I agree with Ronald Regon, medical treatment from government should be banned.

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