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Classrooms in the steamer 2013-08-18 오후 12:04:00

Lately, the seriousness of electric power shortage is bulging in South Korea. Starting from June, as the electric power demand is increasing day by day, the problem is triggering many controversies. One of the main problems caused by the situation is the agony of students.

According to a statistic held by YTN, 92% of current teachers crave for enough permission of using air conditioners than the free meal plan. Since the government raised the minimum limit of operating air conditioners from 26'C to 28'Cㅡ but actually, majority of schools do not follow these regulationsㅡ dissatisfacions of students are heightened everyday. Moreover, encountring the opening of schools after summer vacation many experts and parents are worrying about the trouble.

The current situation makes students to have a feeling that they're in a steamer, and this eventually brings the decline of their concentration. Evading student's complaints and answering them only with the reason of 'shortage of electric power' is soley deepening the endless conflict.

However, if we deeply look into the current situation, we can find out some facts having contradiction. The production cost of electricity is 103.31\/kWh, the government is collecting 92.88\/kWh from organizations using industrial electricity, which is lower than the production cost. The deficit is inevitable. On the other hand, the private charge is 135.87\/kWh. The country is seeking for solutions in the wrong place. Moreover, the schools are not designated as industrial electricity power-using spots, so they have to undertake the high prices.

In fact, South Korea's residential electicity consumption per head is only an half of other countries of OECD. What takes the majority is the factories using the industrial electricity with low prices and slight limitations. To resolve student's ㅡwho are living in hot schools for 8 hours a dayㅡ having an alteration at the fundamental reason is needed. Haiving regulations or increasing the price might be the suitable solution of the shortage trouble.

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