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광복절,National Liberation Day 2013-08-15 오전 10:29:00

Do you know 광복절? It is national liberation day. August 15th is national liberation day of Korea. It is very happy day and glorious day.
National liberation day is day that Korea liberated from Japan. In 1945, August 15th, Japan surrender the war and Korea liberated. To liberate, many people effort.
Yu Gwan-Sun patriotic martyr dead because she participated in the anti Japanese movement. Yun Bong-Gill patriotic martyr dead same reason with Yu Gwan-Sun patriotic martyr. Many people sacrifice themselves to liberate the country. But how about these days?
People are thinking wrong. Their patriotism are disappearing. They don't love their country. They should think patriotic martyr who dead for country and they sacrifice themselves for country. Now days, people should have more patirotism. But what's wrong to them?
Japanes are saying they have no duty. They are denial that they commit the crime. But, there are some changing with Japanes people. Some people are saying Japan has to apology to war's victim. And they are teaching children truth of history, not skewed history. I think when people cooperate to remedy the skewed history, people in all over the world would know truth of history. And they will never repeat the bad history.
Do you know the famous saying ‘역사를 잊은 민족에게 미래란 없다(there are no future to people who forget the history)'?

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