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Do violent video games cause behavior problems? 2013-07-13 오후 12:30:00

What is the similarity between Diablo 3, Starcraft, Minecraft, and Sudden Attack? They are all popular video games and they’re violent. In those games, the players can build houses, shoot monsters or have war with other players or teams. They can set up some bombs and blow up houses, too. The common thread among these video games is the players kill something. In Minecraft, the player kills other team members by throwing bombs or shooting guns. In Sudden Attack, when the player finds the monster, one should shoot without hesitation. These video games have raised issues recently. Violent video games cause behavior problems because violent video games make people get used to violent scenes at an early age and people can’t notice whether they are living in reality or virtual reality.
Violent video games desensitize youth. Desensitize means to be no longer shocked as other people are shocked because one has become used to violent scenes. Certain video games include violent actions such as killing monsters or other team members. When one kills a monster or another person, the scene of murder is shown to the player. The games show how monsters or other teams die with bloody pictures. If people especially children get used to seeing these violent scenes, they would get used to the scenes. For example, if a bomb explodes, one who was used to explosions would feel nothing. This can result in serious problems. Even if one murders someone they won’t feel guilty about it because murdering is the main method to win at video games. This shows violent video games make people get sued to violent scenes at an early age and can cause serious problems.
Also, people can’t notice whether they’re in the real world or game world. Because people are playing games, they might confuse the real world and game world. And when a character dies, one can make that character live again. Children may begin to think people who die in real life will live again like their game characters. Accidents occurred because of violent video games show that children can confuse reality with the virtual world
Violent video games’ demerits show up from small things like addictions and finally these demerits combine and become very big problem such as suicide. So, should people especially children be allowed to play many violent games? I suggest not playing many violent games especially children.

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