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THE PRESEUM 2013-06-10 오후 4:44:00

Last June one Saturday, Korea Herald reporters went to the Preseum.

The newspaper is like communication of social's mirror.
What happens with the goverment, economy, society is unfolding like panorama in the newspaper's oneside.
In the reporter's notes, he has many words and he wrote in a manuscript paper.
This is what everyone thinks, and see reporter's activity.
To make a newspaper, you paint ink on top of a slide valve and print on the paper using a rotary press machine with high rotating speed.

In newspaper museum, it makes my newspaper.
The visitor can take a picture and edit the news, and so they can make a newspaper and so make my newspaper.

After went to the Preseum and return home, I know the reporter is a hard worker.
The newspaper's nature is very hard work. So many children visit preseum and read many newspapers.

- Student Reporter Cho Seung Woo -

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