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Education Tremors Before the Entrance Exam 봉의고등학교
Perhaps one of the first things that pops into mind when one thinks of South Korean students is the grueling college entrance exam, most commonly known as Sooneung. Most teens across South Korea study late nights and attend multiple academies for additional afterschool lessons; in short, compet...
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Education The Relation Between Music and Studying 봉의고등학교
No Image Recent studies have discovered that studying while listening to music can boost concentration levels and act as supplements for memorizing. The concept of listening to music during your course of study may be difficult to take in, as many have argued before that all distracting factors should be rem...
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Education Equity and Inclusion in Education 천진국제학교(TIS)
No Image Equity requires all children’s rights to education, and their rights within and through education to realize their potential and aspirations. It also requires implementing and institutionalizing arrangements that help ensure all children can achieve these aims. Inclusion requires respo...
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Education Sentencing School Uniforms 봉의고등학교
No Image School uniforms serve one purpose, and one purpose only. They exist so that students are unified under the same dress code, and aren’t bothered by their clothes in a learning environment. According to recent research, however, South Korean school uniforms have proven to be mostly uncomfortable- espe...
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Education Is it fine to let students to make choices? 천진국제학교(TIS)
No Image Everyone wants freedom. We want to do whatever we want. However, students need some restrictions. Usually, students follow what their parents let them to do because they are yet immature and they cannot adapt to the society, in their age, without parents’ care. Therefore, when students make decisi...
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Education The problem of the education of Korea 김포외국어고등학교
Currently, the Korean education system is forcing students to study in order to get good grades and achieve their final goal which is entering the universities they want. However, this type of education can't pull out students' creativity and potential abilities, or might even suppress them. Student...
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Education The Crime of Regulations 봉의고등학교
No Image School regulations exist in order for there to be a certain set of rules to abide by and to represent the school’s expectations for both students and staff alike. Although constant management by the school is necessary for a healthy learning environment, many of these rules, specifically dress codes...
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Education state-issued textbooks 기전여자고등학교
No Image The Education Ministry unveiled the draft of the state-issued history textbook. The ministry asserted that the purpose of the state-issued textbook is to make students have a balanced view of our history without leaning on a particular ideology. However, there is a huge protests toward these decisio...
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Education Entrance Exams 서울국제학교(SIS)
The start of June. Many people would say that it is the start of summer. It is true, but for students, it is a dreadful time of the year — the time for final exams. 91% of the students around the world claimed that they hated taking final exams. Some even thought that it was a waste of time. S...
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Education ACT - Korea and Hong Kong 서울국제학교(SIS)
No Image The operators of the ACT college entrance exam canceled the tests on June 11 for students in South Korea and Hong Kong at the last second. It was the last ACT exam of this school year, and the next will take place on September 10. The sudden cancellation of the exam caused confusion, where many s...
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