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Let it be 2017-10-10 오후 9:15:00

As you know I mentioned about Pyeongchang a lot. Do you know the next Olympic venue? It`s Pyeongchang, South Korea. In these days, Korea government making an effort to advertise this Olympic. Because many countries are worried about the big pig of North Korea. Anyway, it will host the winter Olympics. Last winter Olympics, the Olympics held in Sochi, Russia. Anyway, Pyeongchang will invite Olympic. When the IOC came to Korea and explored Pyeongchang, they said, ``Pyeongchang`s topography and qualifications are very good, but it needs few more amenities and stadiums. So, Korea got to work. The reason why South Korea could host the Olympics was honorary ambassador name Kim Yu Na. She spoke speech in front of many audiences.
Anyway, about 100 countries will participate in this Olympics and about 5000 people will come to this fantastic world party. Korea will keep developing and improving so we can open these winter Olympic. Korea was 13th grade and it was also final
Worldcup for ice queen Kim Yun Na`s figure skating.
After she finished her final competition, she is being honorary ambassador for invite
Pyeongchang Olympic. Let`s enjoy the world`s best party!

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