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The Benefits to Technology in Classrooms 2017-06-01 오전 12:34:00

Technology is often times deemed a distraction in students’ studies and considered an interruption from our daily lives. Recent studies and trials show, however, that technology can be greatly beneficial to education if used the right way. In recent years, especially in the U.S. and Taiwan, schools have tried applying technology to classrooms by connecting to online quizzes and textbooks. Either allowing free-use of personal cell phones or issuing specific school iPads have become common for many schools.
One of the benefits of allowing technology inside classrooms is the fact that even students who are less keen on learning and studying can be interested in the lesson at hand. Technology is far from foreign to most students, from elementary school students to high school students alike, and the use of Internet is likely to invoke feelings of familiarity and at the very least, curiosity. Enthusiasm may be less than easy to obtain among students, especially if the lesson at hand is regarded as tedious or dull. Technology may very likely spark a flame of interest in the hearts of students and awaken otherwise lifeless classrooms. Additionally, various apps and programs are created on the daily for pleasant day-to-day events, and the extent of the services reach out to different educational assistance. For instance, a flashcard shuffling app where students are able to create their own flashcards and take them wherever they go may be helpful to those who are willing to save paper and time. A seating chart mixing app, an app where powerpoints can be developed in a matter of minutes, a website containing a variety of literature and summaries, and sites with quizzes on a number of subjects-ranging from science to music- are just a few examples of the pros of innovating education. Although there may be issues regarding the validity and safety of using these apps freely, the new generation demands technological advances, along with educational excellence, and this just may be the perfect solution for the future.

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