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The Greatest Thing You'll Ever learn is.. 2016-05-04 오후 1:05:00

ㅡCause I was afraid to ask her how long she was sitting there, I said calmly, standing vacantly on the very bottom of the stairs. "Jenny, I'm sorry" Then Jenny said "Stop it". She crossed my words, and said quietly "Love means never having to say you're sorry".

I wonder how much we know about love. Through the processes that texting messages, staying up all night together, eating together, watching movies, be gathering in same place with same flowing times, we became knowing each other and seeing the same direction of life.

This novel 'Love story' by Erich Segal is a story about two boy and girl, Oliver Barrett and Jennifer Kaebillary. It shows simple and affective love's growth through their humorous and pretty love.

Writer's delicate descriptive style makes me to feel the excitement of first meeting enough, and each single sentences are like such each sences of movie.
Also the conversations of two characters with their cute humors are like those of recent young people, although it is novel of 1970s.

But author not only telling us their beautiful love story.
As Oliver, who is refrain from noble family, choose the love with Jenny, they undergo ordeals, and wearing works.
By that, Erich is telling readers the weight of love, responsibility, and also sense of duty. Furthermore, through the Jennifers' death, it shows manners to say goodbye and sorrow by Oliver, teaching that not all the loves are perfect love ends with happy ending.

How much we know about love?
Of course that I'm 18 yeas old student, writing this essay. It sounds rediculous If I say I know what the real love means or I have done that before.
But what I can say perfectly is that Love is never perfect. It couldn't be perfect.
So we should do our best to make our loves the most lovable romantic story. As love means never having to say sorry, we should take care of people we love and be considerate for them, to not feel sorry to them.

Love is never perfect. But what perfectly certain is that the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

Because you, reading this article, are surely lovely person. - JHS

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