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Prerequisite Learning Regulation Law 2014-03-31 오후 8:33:00

Prerequisite learning regulation law is not prohibiting prerequisite learning but eliminating factors which trigger the prerequisite learning in public education. This law has become known wrong as a 'prerequisite learning prohibition'. It doesn't restrain prerequisite learning in private institutions or self study. In particular, the law only focuses on eradicating prerequisite learning factors in public education. In brief, it presents 'Every school will not lead students to do prerequisite learning'.
Not involved in changing the systems of entrance-examination and social attitudes, however , in this regard we cannot resolve the fundamental problems accessing legal dimension rather than can cause side effects. To solve the problem some suggestions are required.
First, it is needed to raise the increasing law's efficiency. Although, prerequisite learning occurs in private education, the regulation about prerequisite learning in private education circles is solved badly by curbing advertisements.
Second, a volition to eradicate the law of prerequisite learning calls for solving the fundamental problems breaking through empathizing the educational background, systems of entrance-examination and the difficult curriculum. Unless finding a solution, finally public education within the school breaks the law that can practically restrain about teachers disciplinary, budgetary decrease, member attrition, while private education is just stuck in declaring the empty promise of regulation so it can cause a 'ballon effect'.
As a result, the eradication of prerequisite learning depends on changing a social attitude and governmental renovation prior to the law regulation.

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