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Underlying Implications Within The Outbreak of The 2020-08-29 오전 12:03:00

It has been a while since the COVID-19 has engulfed the entire nation, and Korea is no exception in terms of detrimental influence of the COVID-19. A huge number of businesses as well as a thousands of households have been going through the most difficult time ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19. Accordingly, it is indeed reasonable for the majority to incorporate the following questions.
What shall we prepare in response to the prevalence of the COVID-19? Some have proposed a term the era of post COVID-19, and it literally indicates that the COVID-19 will always be here as a part of our lives for a long period of time. Recently, in Korea, the government has implemented a counter-mechanism against the COVID-19 by raising its level from 2.0 to 2.5, and obviously, such a policy is already impacting numerous Korean citizens. Being aware of the critical point of the era of post COVID-19, individuals should reckon the fact that the usage of online platforms will be more proactive. Lots of lectures conducted in a traditional way have been replaced by the online platform so that students do not need to go to schools or institutions. The majority of the public has already started to use online delivery systems more actively than ever before. Based on these circumstances, it is justifiable for individuals to deduct platform-based activities will be more prevalent. The following lesson could be obtained from the current situation. That is, people, who would like to seize next opportunities, had better be accustomed to the utilization of online platforms since more systems will be converted into online based systems. In other words, online based businesses will be on the rise so long as there is a prevalence of the COVID-19 outside.
What implications does the COVID-19 cast on the lives of individuals in a broader context? Sure enough, the freedom guaranteed for humans has been restrained, and for that reason, some have condemned the governmental policies with respect to the infringement of human rights. Since humans are unable to feel “the freedom,” the majority feels inconvenience in their daily life. To the point, the significance of previously mentioned question is this: let us not forget the innate rights because those rights have naturally been guaranteed, and let us strive to maintain those precious rights for a better society. The public, currently, is able to recognize the irreplaceable importance of rights and freedom given to each individual. Since we have deeply encountered the significance, now, it is time for each individual to endeavor for the purpose of preserving those rights even after the end of the COVID-19. In this matter, some can see the COVID-19 as a medium which conveys the importance of sustaining human rights, and people should be enlightened once again to not forget the meaning of “freedom.”
Yes, it would be hard to refute the point that the COVID-19 has bestowed the public negative impacts, and this article is not willing to advocate or source up the outbreak of the COVID-19. However, as human beings, it is our right to critically contemplate the current norm and delve ourselves into thoughts which can make the world better. If the public just negatively blames on society, there will be no progress, and that is the crucial reason why individuals must keep progressing based on meaningful findings even during the hardest crisis.

St.Francis Xavier Catholic High School
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