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사랑의 손길: A beautiful act of love!!! 2013-12-15 오전 11:25:00

Early in the morning, many volunteers got together to deliver briquettes to the underprivileged.
With briquettes on their backs, they were walking up the slope sweating their shirts.
The briquettes were storing up in the warehouses of some lonely grandmothers who live alone and of other people who need help in this cold days. Some volunteers said
that it was a little bit hard for them to carry around the briquettes in their hands and on their backs, they found their lives more meanful at the end of the day.

I think donating is a beautiful act of love! It brings about happiness both to the
helping hands and to the people in need. Donating means a lot more than helping others. It makes life more beautiful! It helps all of us to live happily on the planet.

I hope more people are involved in sharing their love with other people in this winter. Of course not only during the winter, but always!

Best wishes to all of us!

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